Affiliate Program

General affiliate program information.

Affiliate programs allow your product(s) to be distributed by many different people with different marketing techniques and target audiences. You control the percentage paid to your affiliates.

Why do affiliate programs work for developers and vendors?

  • No salaries to worry about
  • Affiliates only paid if sales are made
  • No health benefits, workers compensation expenses, no holiday or sick pay
  • Expands your sales team around the world

Why would someone want to be an affiliate?

  • Add content and value to their own website and users
  • 2nd income
  • Work from home
  • Work at own pace
  • Choose what products they would like to promote

To participate in the Affiliates Program, vendors are requested to contact to have affiliate capabilities turned on.

Set up your products to allow for affiliates in Edit Products by selecting Manage Products and clicking on the ProductID. If you need assistance, please read our help section. Once you have done this, contact to make sure your order forms have been updated to look for the Affiliate Information.

The following links can be used to signup or login to our affiliate program. Feel free to add these links to your website and let your customers become your sales team.

New Affiliates Sign Up

Affiliate Login